Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sensuous Gratitude

Sensuous Gratitude

While I have discussed how Sensuous Gratitude can keep you focused on the Law of Attraction, I have to remind myself of the story behind the story. This is your chance to get a free copy of my new ebook called "The Law of Attraction through Sensuous Gratitude"

Before I was able to get to that "being clear" stage in my life I needed to unload a few things. In my ebook "The Law of Attraction through Sensuous Gratitude" I discuss that in two very personal stories that did in fact "clear the path".

Two personal stories, one about being grateful and the other called "Forgiveness to Freedom". And as you will discover, it's the "Forgiveness to Freedom" story, a very personal true story, that is at the heart of everything in this ebook.

Nothing will unburden you more quickly and effectively than when you can completely understand and surrender to the absolute power of forgiveness. If you are struggling with that forgiveness beast, then I think you will see how your life will change when you read my personal story. It changed my life forever.

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From My Soul to Yours,

Mike Perras

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sensuous Gratitude - Soul Speak - Part 2

I call this Extreme Listening

In this audio piece I discuss why Extreme Listening is vital to your success at making the Law of Attraction work. Extreme Listening is all about your personal level of Emotional Intelligence. Your EQ level has much to do with your ability to connect with Universal Energy.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sensuous Gratitude - Soul Speak - Part 1

The audio above is just under 8 minutes and is the first in my Soul Speak series. I will share how forgiveness is a "must component" in making the Law of Attraction work.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sensuous Gratitude - Explained

The audio link above should explain Sensuous Gratitude. It's just under 6 minutes long and will be the first in a series of audio pieces that will compliment the movie The Secret and any Law of Attraction material you have been reading.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

New eBook On The Way

Hi there .. it's just about Christmas 2008 and I am putting the finishing touches on my new eBook called Sensuous Gratitude.

If you liked the movie The Secret and all the Law of Attraction material I think you'll love my new book as well. It addresses the key element missing in both the movie and any Law of Attraction material I have ever read. It's almost too simple really!

It's the main reason we don't manifest things easily and also the key reason we can't stay focused on the Law of Attraction process for very long.

I will share two very personal stories from my own life. Stories that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that my formula is a must for anyone still trying to keep the magic of the Law of Attraction alive in their life.

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